Our Head Coaches:
At Soundview Sports, we have from 2 to 4 Head Coaches in every sport. As dynamic, dedicated teaching professionals, they love their craft and are unequaled in creativity and enthusiasm. Each Coach is responsible for developing a creative skills-building lesson plan for his/her sport. These plans are designed to build a solid foundation of skill development for campers, ensuring that each and every boy and girl has a successful Soundview experience and a lot of fun in a safe environment.

Our Counselor/Assistant Coaches:
All of our counselors come to Soundview Sports as student-athletes. Many have been integral players and even captains of their sports teams. All have played sports in high school and many have competed at the college level. The counselors know that they have to be role models for the campers both on and off the field of play. We expect a lot from these young men and women. They deliver and we are proud of them. Soundview Sports has never needed to advertise for counselor employment. Our reputation attracts highly qualified candidates to fill these positions. Referrals play a big role in the hiring process. The head coaches at Soundview often recommend many of our counselors. Brothers recommend sisters and vice-versa, teammates often recommend teammates, but everyone goes through an interview process with the owners. Evaluations are done yearly for all counselors. The administrative team and head coaches meet to discuss the performance of each counselor. Head coaches provide specific feedback to the Directors on issues such as enthusiasm, attitude and cooperation as well as the counselor’s knowledge of the sports and rules.