What parents are saying?

“My son Reese had such an amazing time and learned so much more about the sports he was in and gained confidence in himself.  He absolutely loved it and said school should be like Soundview Sports camp.” I.S. – Scarsdale


“Soundview is extremely well run.  Staff was most responsive to our child’s needs.  It is an excellent program all around.  We were particularly impressed with the swimming program.  Peyton’s strokes and comfort level improved dramatically.”  S.L. – Edgemont

“I would absolutely recommend Soundview Sports to friends.  Great program, well run, counselors are well prepared to handle kids.  Provided Ryan with confidence.  He felt very comfortable at camp.”  V.W. – NYC

“It’s such a well-organized camp and the kids make friends easily and seem to love all of the counselors and are comfortable immediately.  My kids play sports all year and this just lets them continue to practice and stay in shape and promote good competition and sportsmanship.”  J.T. – Pleasantville

“Leo has benefitted by the structure, professionalism and knowledge base of staff; role modeling has been very important.”  R.F. – Larchmont

“My son has become more skilled and the camp service is efficient and accommodating.  A big plus is that there is very little down time and the kids are always learning.  Soundview has played an important role in my son’s social and athletic development.  It is great that Soundview has such a comprehensive sports program, enabling Wesley to try several different activities so he could play an active role in understanding and choosing those sporting activities he wants to further pursue.”  J.B. – NYC

“By far, the best camp my boys Aaron and Jonathan have ever attended.  Love the program.” D.N. – Pleasantville

“My children received strong instruction in all sports.  Both of my daughters are stronger swimmers – better form since they took lessons at Soundview.  They said, ‘it was so much fun.  We never felt bored; there was so much to do!’”  K.B. – Scarsdale

“My daughter developed strong sport skills, made new friends, became interested in new areas and learned good sportsmanship.  Great for kids who love sports!”  M.K. – White Plains

“Soundview provided a great teaching experience with wonderful role models and certainly helped Alayne’s confidence in sports and all-around.”  D.H. – Greenwich

“The program is highly organized and the instruction is top notch – plus, it is fun!” N.S. – Scarsdale

“I just want to say ‘thank you’ for the wonderful experience my son, Vanya, had with you this summer.  It was clear that he was helped to fit in and really made to feel special.  And, of course, he had a great time and learned a lot in all the sports he participated in.  I was also impressed that you apparently spoke to the kids about good nutrition.  He is definitely more interested in eating well now.  We did several fun things this summer, but when I asked him which part was the best, he said summer camp! Thanks again!!”  L.G. – Larchmont

“If you have a child interested in sports, its sports all day long!  Alexander has certainly improved and he has a much better understanding of basketball.”  S.R. – Katonah

“My son Tyler loved it!  Soundview provided a great way for the children to gain some independence and experience in a variety of sports…..and a great pre-sleep away experience.”  V.S. – Chappaqua


“Soundview Sports is a great sports camp, really fun and has great instruction!  Michael has greatly improved in swimming, lacrosse, tennis, basketball and soccer.  Michael describes camp as ‘awesome – great with very cool counselors.’  He loved the food as well.”  K.S – Greenwich

“Thank you so much for helping provide an excellent camp experience for our sons, Zack and Max, this summer.  As first time Soundview campers, your staff helped them adjust quickly, which enabled them to get right into their sports programs.  They adored their ‘home base’ counselors as well as the ‘heads’ of the individual sports.  They’ve gained confidence in their sports skills and loved playing in the Friday games.  As a parent, I was extremely impressed with your organization and professionalism.  It is clear that you put a lot of effort into ensuring that the camp runs smoothly and efficiently.  With the heat wave this summer, I’m sure there were challenging days, yet you found a way to keep the campers happy!  Thanks again!” S.S. – Rye

“George went to camp for the first time last summer and did not know anyone.  On the first morning of camp he was almost too nervous to go to camp but he went and never looked back!  He loved it – that first day he made friends, was encouraged by all and had fun.  I am proud of him and thank Soundview.  I have never seen George work so hard, hustle so much and have so much fun doing so!”  J.M. – Rye Brook


“The staff was great, as were the facilities.  For such large groups the camp still had an intimate feeling – It offers a great variety of sports.  Soundview Sports has helped develop both his love of certain sports such as soccer and his skills and confidence greatly improved.  Keep doing what you are doing and keep great counselors on staff.”  D.G. – Armonk


“My son and his friends loved it!  We were so pleased with the swimming instruction as well as the great leadership provided by Steve and Barry.  My son, in a matter of 2 weeks, was swimming.  He had always been extremely cautions and uneasy in the pool.  Also, the camp experience made him responsible for himself – a great lesson for him.  He loved it and wants to go back longer next summer!”

S.M. – West Harrison


“Austin was introduced to lacrosse this year and loved it.  He wants to play it now and in the future.  He is more confident too!  He describes Soundview Sports as the ‘best experience in my life’.  The counselors were the best!’”  S.R. – Chappaqua


“Nicholas loves Soundview Sports, particularly the counselors and hopes he can be a counselor there someday.  We are very pleased with your program.”  M.L. – Rye Brook


“My son Ryan loved it and his sports skills increased significantly.  He’s very excited about coming back next summer!”  P.T. – West Harrison


“Thank you for making Matthew and Keith’s camp experience positive and fun.  The interest you and your staff took in helping him adjust to his new surroundings and camp procedures reinforced all of the good qualities that I had heard about Soundview Sports and I am so pleased that I chose to send the boys to your camp.  Thanks so much.”  D.A. – Chappaqua


“Jack loved Soundview because of the variety of activities, fabulous counselors, very good organization and a positive environment.”  M.P. – Bronxville


“Justin loves sports and Soundview Sports was a perfect camp for him.  His experience definitely has given him more confidence!”  F.S. – Scarsdale